Proportion Control

A tiny bowl
A giant spoon
My mouth’s too full
Soup’s gone too soon


The Elephant Shrew

The Elephant Shrew
Is much smaller than you
Although if you should spy it
He’ll try to deny it.

Baby Face

I have a tiny baby face
It takes up barely half the space
A normal baby face would use

It’s not the baby face I’d choose
If I were in the marketplace
And shopping for a baby face

But that’s the way the faces fall
And baby face it: One too small
For someone else will suit me fine

This tiny baby face is mine

Tiny Bosses

Tiny people, by and large,
Look comical when they’re in charge.
By “tiny” I mean really small,
So small they’re barely there at all.
They stamp and glare and wave their hands,
But no one heeds their shrill commands
Because they’re just so freaking wee!
Tiny bosses bring me glee.