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Debating Gravity

Belief in science Isn’t a requirement That’s kind of the point

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Science Says So

Repeated passive heating Counteracts effects of eating If you bathe without repeating Though, the act is self-defeating

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Social Science

Tell me what you want from me In language I can understand. I’m filled with curiosity: Is your wish really my command?

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Nantucket, Japan

When Japan’s Yoshinori Ohsumi Won the Medical Nobel, it threw me: Autophagy’s meaning Is vaguely obscening In Greek. Am I prudish? So sue me.

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Thomas Dolby Is A Cautionary Tale

Strontium carbonate (lithium, too) Provides the first color in Red, White and Blue. Which of the elements whites up the night? If you guessed Magnesium, Madame, you’re right! Cu3As2O3Cu Combined with (C2H3O2)2: Blue. Shove ’em in rockets, add flame, and … Continue reading

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The moral universe toward justice bends Albeit in an elongated arc, Yet anyone who, thus assured, pretends No effort need be made has missed the mark. The first of Newton’s Laws of Motion states That change, perforce, involves external force … Continue reading

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Happy Happens

Before you go to sleep at night Before you sigh and douse the light Just ask, What am I grateful for? Tomorrow, there’ll be even more. Even if the answer’s zip Just asking makes it worth the trip. If you … Continue reading

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