Not Today, Frosty

It didn’t snow again today
The rain chose not to stay away
But fell in solely liquid form
Which violates the crystal norm
That we associate with snow
And where there’s rain the snow won’t go
Which I accept. The trouble’s that
I’m stuck with this dumb magic hat.


It’s Up To Me

Because, of course, it’s up to me, I say:
That isn’t music, that’s just noise with words.
Music is the thing musicians play,
Or Nature, like with waterfalls or birds.
Because it’s up to me, I’ll make this clear:
Your so-called “god” is just a made-up tale.
The real God — mine — inspires faith and fear,
And tells us what it’s like inside a whale.
It’s up to me to tell you what is good,
And so it’s good for you I’m glad to share
My perfect grasp of how a person should
Behave; such generosity is rare.
It’s up to me to tell you how to act,
Except in science class. A fact’s a fact.