Cup Half-Empty

When deadlines loom that caffeine zoom’s
A boon, but when your tummy’s sore
Your coffee still can’t drink itself
So what the hell is science for?


It’s Up To Me

Because, of course, it’s up to me, I say:
That isn’t music, that’s just noise with words.
Music is the thing musicians play,
Or Nature, like with waterfalls or birds.
Because it’s up to me, I’ll make this clear:
Your so-called “god” is just a made-up tale.
The real God — mine — inspires faith and fear,
And tells us what it’s like inside a whale.
It’s up to me to tell you what is good,
And so it’s good for you I’m glad to share
My perfect grasp of how a person should
Behave; such generosity is rare.
It’s up to me to tell you how to act,
Except in science class. A fact’s a fact.