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How Come

Running every day is how I keep my options open wide. When someone says, “Let’s do this now,” Then all it takes is to decide If this is something I’d enjoy The doing of, or having done. If so, then … Continue reading

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A Modest Effort

I don’t run for fame or pride. I don’t. In fact, I stay inside And watch real racers on TV. That’s exercise enough for me.

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Fa Caldo

I’m not as fast as I’d prefer Nor quite as slow as I appear On warmer days. Thermometer, You wield a deal of power here!

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Seeking Umbrage

Shade is nice; so, too, cool breezes Either in warm weather pleases I’ll admit they’re less sublime For those not yet as sweaty’s I’m But there’s a cure for that: Hard running! Trust me, shade will soon seem cunning.

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Feels Like I’m Stalling

I ought to be running. The plan in my phone Says I ought to be running, Not writing alone On the sofa, inertially Biding my time With procrastinatactile Inaction in rhyme.

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Pain + Gain

A month or so and I’ll forget The pain today. I haven’t yet And that’s okay: A hard long run Makes marathon day much more fun.

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Weakened Warrior

I didn’t shovel fourteen feet of snow Or take a chainsaw to that fallen tree. I haven’t done my taxes, even though Intuit says they’re standing by for me. I didn’t chase the gummint off are land Or send the … Continue reading

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