Cold Feet Forward

Pre-dawn runs in freezing cold
Have short shelf-lives and soon get old,
But reaching evening having run
Already? That’s long-lasting fun!


Choreography In Training

Three steps forward
One step back
Advance (times three)
Three weeks pouring
One week draining
Choreography in training

Running Dog

A “running dog” can be construed
As epithetical and rude
By those who’ve studied Poly Sci
Or Rhetoric; please know that I
Am being literal, in fact.
No hidden codes here need be cracked.

Nor am I referring to
The fun-size sort of pet that you
Might carry in a fanny pack
Or by a handle on its back
But rather one who’d rather run
Beside you, and who finds it fun.

Explicitly, I mean a dog
Who finds more pleasure in a jog
To anywhere and back again
Than chowing down or sleeping in.
Through evening gloom or morning dew,
A running dog just runs with you.

That’s what I mean by the phrase.
I miss my running dog, these days.

Planning For Plan B

My hope for every marathon
Is that before my legs are gone
And all my giddy-up has git
I’m nearly mostly done with it.
Failing that (as oft I do)
I’m smiling as I’m running through
The finish chute despite the time.
Who’s ready for tomorrow? I’m.