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Fuzzy Friends With Benefits

Guinea pigs, gerbils, Mice, hamsters and rats Good pets for people Fantastic for cats

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Rodents 0, Poems 2 Piping works, but words do, too! A better mousetrap? Maybe not, But vermin flee from what I’ve got. Although my outfit isn’t pied, The rodents left and no one died. I’m quickly calling that a win … Continue reading

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Little Bunny Poo-poo

Silly bunny on my lawn, You squat. I wish you’d not. Begone! You lift that little tuft of cotton On your bottom, and the rotten Pellets underneath fall out Upon the grass that months of drought Have worn into a … Continue reading

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Lazy Cat

Fuzzy, friendly creatures waiting Just inside my darkened door On cold, wet nights sounds nice…I’m baiting Traps: No mice here anymore.

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Whistle-Pig Stop

The whistle-pigs assemble in my yard Each February 2nd, waving signs With sloppy, misspelled slogans (hey, it’s hard To write well without thumbs), dressed to the nines. “Prognost-I-Can’t!” they chant in lisping trills, Attracting cats as well as camera crews. … Continue reading

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The weather from now until August 15 Is determined by that which today you’ve just seen Assuming, that is, that conditions at your house Are ruled by the whims of the Edible Dormouse

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