All The Time In The World

It cannot be the case that we’re
Already in December, here.
That’s just not possible. I mean,
It’s barely twenty-seventeen!
I know it’s not that late, because
My New Year’s Resolution was
To get my prep done in advance
And so avoid the frantic dance
Of shopping/wrapping Christmas Eve
That’s been my drill, and I believe
That this year I’ll succeed. You scoff,
But trust me, I can pull this off.
I’m going to rock this Christmas scene!
I’ll start right after Halloween.


Wait For It…

Sometimes, if you wait too long,
The only options left are wrong
And tainted with profound regret
And sour second guesses. Yet,
One time in, oh, a hundred-plus,
Procrastination smiles on us
And indecision wins the day.
That makes the 99 okay.

One Thing All The Time

Sometimes chores deferred evaporate,
Rewarding sluggards who procrastinate.
Other chores instead metastasize
And bury the recalcitruant past his eyes.
Although I know my preference doesn’t matter,
I prefer the former to the latter.
Failing that, I’ll settle for a task
That waits in stasis. Please? That’s all I ask.