A League Of His Own

Meeting the champs
Was once one of the perks
Of the presidency
But that’s one of the quirks
Of our culture these days:
The top jocks aren’t the jerks!


We’re Blowing It

I grew up military
All my friends were service spawn
At least three generations
Of my kin had unis on

I honor and respect this land
And all those who protect it
When one who doesn’t’s in command
It’s on us to correct it

The office and the occupant
Are very different things
I head to bed each night with dread
For what tomorrow brings

This president’s an insult
To the servicefolk who serve him
So drop the smirk you selfish jerk
You’ve shown you don’t deserve ’em

Today we mark the memory
Of those who fell in war
I dream that we someday will be
Again worth fighting for

A nation where those most in need
Find shelter and self-worth
Lest those we honor shall in vain
Have perished from the earth

Californian In The White House

When critics carped that W.
Was worst, I’d ask them, “Surely, you
Recall the horrors Tricky Dick
Inflicted on us?” In the thick
Of Donald Trump’s dominion, though,
I can’t dispute we’ve reached a low
“Unpresidented” heretofore.
Congrats, DT: You broke the floor!
The depths you’ve plumbed make Nixon’s bummers
Almost quaint…and he had plumbers!
Nixon showed a sense of shame;
I doubt The Donald feels the same.
Chagrin afflicts the self-aware.
For Trump, there’s simply no “there” there,
Like California, per Ms. Stein.
Your views may vary; this one’s mine.

Early Daze

A week into the brand new year
I don’t yet know what I should fear
The most: That things don’t live up to
What I expect, or that they do.
The way the first week greeted us
Was fiery and furious,
And that’s okay, but 51
More weeks like that might be less fun.
Will we survive the entropy
To which all systems tend? We’ll see.
One thing’s for sure: When 45’s
The guy in charge, then chaos thrives.