Admonished For Enterprise

What am I thinking? I can’t go to bed
With these weird words and phrases afloat in my head.
“Admonished for enterprise.” What can that mean?
It’s in no book or TV show I’ve ever seen
So I have to believe it was snatched from the street
As a dialoguesherd that flew off incomplete
And got lodged in my corpus cosallum (collasum?)
And lay there all day until now, playing possum
Until I’d dispensed with the day’s wakeful tasks,
Put the chores in their corners, the whines in their casks,
And the cares of the day in a place where they’ll keep
Till I’m rested and fresh from a full night of sleep…
And now it comes creeping, admonishing me
For my laziness…or lack of enterprise! See?
It had to mean something! That’s shut off the spout
Dripping nocturnal nonsense. Thank goodness! Lights out.



Dingle, dangle, dongle, dunk,
Something stinks inside this trunk.
Spackle, spockle, spickle, speak,
Hold your breath, it’s sprung a leak!

Available For Parties

Now, I don’t want to bring you down
Or turn that grin into a frown
Or drive your bus to Bummer Town
But, hey, it’s what I do.

When lemonade is needed, I
Rain sour pickles from the sky.
I’m sadness in a ragged tie
And one enormous shoe.
(The other’s caked in poo.)

The point of having me around
Escapes most folk. My friends have found
That having been by me enclowned
Brings plethorae to rue.
(That’s not the plural, true,
But, like the cow said, “Moo.”)

I’m disappointed, too.

Fun With Flags

I have devices all my own
With which I play when I’m alone.
They smell like sadness on vacation
Plus that dizzy-sick sensation
That you get from crying in
An elevator filled with men
Who won’t admit they want your shoes–
They do, but they just flat refuse
To tell you so, because they’re free!
It stinks, but that’s democracy.