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I admire people who can paint, Who aren’t embarrassed when they’re asked to draw. The Muse of Visual Arts showed true restraint When gracing me: I earn less awe than, “Aww.” Likewise the vocal arts, whose patroness Gave me the … Continue reading

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Nay, Diddle Diddle

My cat can’t play the violin Although today she tried. Again. She’s found a way to grip the bow With one clawed paw, but there’s just no Existing mechanism by Which she can “finger” notes. She’ll try; When she her … Continue reading

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Take It Easy

Bowie, Rickman, now Glenn Frey? The grief machine is stuck And even now rock purists cry, They’re country! Eagles suck! All you need to understand That calumny’s a crock: If Jethro Tull’s a metal band The Eagles played hard rock.

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Airplane Mode

There isn’t much that one can do When canvas belts encompass you And tables in the form of trays For upright status garner praise In tandem with the backs of seats. Restricted thusly, one retreats As wart-shy tots before a … Continue reading

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Conditioned Response

When everything is going wrong Belt out a proud, defiant song! One day when things are going well You’ll hear that song, and feel like hell.

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Rain Doves

The crags are raining mourning doves In tiny vests and velvet gloves Whose voices echo from the summit Of the cliffs as down they plummet A capella songs of loss That end in heaps of feathered moss

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Love Bites

Peckish love might taste a note Of music; that’s what Willie wrote At any rate, and he would know, Since he cooked up what Romeo And Julie ate before Act V. I wonder, would they be alive Today, had they … Continue reading

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