Shaping Up Nicely

Got to love a year
Where Monday’s a holiday
Every week!*

*So far.


I Know What I Saw

My microwave says COOKIE TIME!
All right, it just says “COOK,” but I’m
Forgiving it this one misspelling.
(Feed me treats and I ain’t telling!)
Tasty baked delight might save
My Monday. Thank you, microwave!

Some Mondays

If rising action’s what you seek,
Some Mondays make a merry week
Much merrier by virtue of
The Monday they must rise above.

If racing’s more your metaphor,
Embrace slow pace. That’s what it’s for!
It’s easier to cruise at first
Then catch the rabbit with a burst.

The point is, if you start on top,
Who’s up? The list is: You. Full stop.
No matter what you try from here
Your week will not improve. That’s clear.

Some Mondays measure time in pain.
Some Mondays make you wish for rain.
Some Mondays suck like rancid dressing.
Great! Come Thursday, that’s a blessing.

The Last Monday

The Last Day was a Monday
When the End of Days was nigh
The Last (good) Day was Monday
I put on my scarlet tie
The one with all the palm trees on
And yellow fish with stripes of blue
And green. The weekend fog was gone
The Autumn rain retreated too
I walked to work without a coat
At corners drivers stopped for me
On Tuesday we lined up to vote
On Monday–Last Day–we were free