Una Data Rara

The thirteenth Friday of the month’s
A waypoint on the gilded path
To superstitious decadence
But very lucky. That’s just math.


Bow To τ

I used to worship π, but now
My math allegiance is to τ.
This manifesto by Mike Hartl
Is the reason. It’ll startle
You if you’re an old pi-guy
Like I was, but there’s twice the pie!

Word Problem

“As happy as the day is long.”
Joy equals Time? That must be wrong.
Familiarity is Time,
Well, times Acquaintance, and if I’m
Recalling that old saw correctly,
That equation leads directly
To Contempt. If one may say
F=C, then (T x A)
Must equal F and C; likewise,
If Joy is Time (J=T),
Then (J x A) must equal C
(Contempt), and everyone I love
Will hate me soon. Proof? See above.
Since that conclusion I reject,
Then Joy and Time don’t intersect
As stated in that simile.
What fools these English majors be.

And Baby Made Three

Someone born today
Back in 1936
Would be 81

All three multiples of three
Within its digits*

March is the third month
27 is three cubed
(3 x 3 x 3)

I need hardly say
3 x 3 x 3 x 3
Equals 81

Naval architects
Who had been born on that date
Would build trimarans

And, had they been drawn
To athletics, what’s the sport
They’d most likely tri?

Silly number games
Just a way to celebrate
My daddy’s birthday

*One of only twelve
Years since
Anno Domini
In which that was true

The last one, of course,
Came 3-cubed years after that:

Proportion Control

It’s not irrational to think
That (if I look) I’ll find a link
Between my RDA of pie
And my circumference, since my
Allowance (Daily, Recommended)
Tends to leave my gut distended.
Blame that third parameter:
I AM my own dIAMeter.
Still, I deny I go too far:
If one π’s fine then 2πr.