Induction Day

Run a little, walk a little
Laugh a little, talk a little
Sweat a lit– okay, a lot!
Happy day, not soon forgot.


Taper Week

I’m eating right
I’m sleeping well
I’m healthy
(Far as I can tell)

The weather forecast
Calls for cool
But that’s a crapshoot
As a rule

The only thing
I haven’t done
Is pre-excused
A sub-par run

Will all the work
Pay off? We’ll see
But if it doesn’t
That’s on me

Planning For Plan B

My hope for every marathon
Is that before my legs are gone
And all my giddy-up has git
I’m nearly mostly done with it.
Failing that (as oft I do)
I’m smiling as I’m running through
The finish chute despite the time.
Who’s ready for tomorrow? I’m.