Like like in a simile
Germs in disease
Or wide feet in a triple-E
You’re the bee’s knees

Like leather for cattle
Wool sweaters for llamas
Or gentle for Ben
For the cat you’re pajamas

I’ll freely confess
I don’t know what it means
But that matters much less
Than a molehill of beans

As cats to small birds
Or mean dogs to a kitty
That’s me with these words
But not you being pretty


Month Of Fun Days

A month ago I took a knee
(Albeit inadvertently)
While pledging my devotion to
My soon-to-be ex-girlfriend, you.

Within a week we’d reproduced;
That boy’d been barely Dr. Seussed
Before a Blue Fish to his Red
Swam out into our waterbed.

By then, of course, we’d relocated
North to where our future waited
Wetly in the witchless Salem.
Life’s heights loomed, and there we’d scale ’em!

Weeks went by, the children grew
Like Monet views of me and you,
Our portraits in Impressionistic
Style: Us, but more artistic.

Three weeks on, the nest is bare,
Though brimming with the love we share.
It hardly seems a month’s gone by
Since we made we of you and I.

It’s time to celebrate, my sweet!
The Baskin-Robbins down the street
Has flavors for each day and night
In which you’ve made my life delight.

If every day had been a year
We’d still not be remotely near
The time when I’d grow weary of
Our partnership. Thank you, my love.


You have a place to live; a car;
A great career where you’ll go far;
A wide variety of friends;
A sense of where the sidewalk bends,
And where it’s cracked, and where it ends;
A fine appreciation for
Absurdity; a moral floor;
An artist’s eye (he wants it back);
A plan for when the ducks attack;
A love of running when the skies
Are lachrymose; good taste in ties;
More mismatched pairs of socks than most;
A solid recipe for toast;
A rubber chicken (okay, eight);
A funny story when you’re late;
A pencil (sometimes); whimsy; style;
A year of life for every mile
In a marathon (today);
A gift for mixing work and play;
About as many hands as feet;
An instinct for what not to eat
While vomiting; and, most of all,
That other thing I can’t recall
Right now, but, you know, that. What can
I offer, then, to such a man
To supplement the list above?
Respect, a Starbucks card, and love.


I loved you
More than once
I loved
What you were
I loved

I want to love
What you are
You are not
What you were
I loved

Once I loved what you were
You are not but what you are
I want to love

I loved
Once what you were I loved more than once
Once I loved you