And Sitting Around Is My Favorite

I procrastinate
‘Cause I hate to sit around
With nothing to do



Donald Trump says exercise
Is unimportant. No surprise
That even curiosity
About his nation’s history
Is rarely roused; there’s little doubt
His presidency won’t work out.

Thanks, Yankz!®

I know how to tie my shoes
But I begrudge the time. I use
A product by which I am freed
To spend that time on things that need
True focus, such as, Where’s my pen?
And also, Lost my pen again.
So, mock my lace-lack. That’s just fine.
You chose yours; I disposed of mine.
I’d walk a mile in your kicks
But prep would take too long, so, nix,
Unless you’ll wear mine by my side?
I’ll wake you when your shoes are tied.

Answering The Rings

Doesn’t matter what they’re selling,
Excellence is plain compelling.
That’s how come my TV’s on
Until the whole darned day is gone
Whenever an Olympiad
Is happening. I wish we had
A way of knowing when that was!
I’d like a little warning ’cause
I’ve things to do that don’t get done
When athletes swim and ride and run
And volley balls on sand and wood.
I’d just ignore it if I could
But that’s a goal too fast, too high,
Too strong for watchers such as I,
So to my chores I bid adieu!
There’s excellence for me to view.


Sloth: Sin? Discuss
But not too loudly
Slothfolk own their
Sloth (not proudly)

Like as not
They’re all asleep
Engaged in slothful
Sueños deep

They’re dreaming of
A world that measures
Among its treasures

One in which
One’s daily snooze
When interrupted
Makes the news

When Slothity
Achieves its goals
Will lead the polls

When sleeping in’s
A claim to fame
And fortune
Sloth’s achieved its aim

A mortal sin?
They give a crap
Forgive the sloth
And take a nap