Hot Night

Poorly have I slept, and brief
The A/C brought no real relief
To upstairs bedroom sheathed in heat
I’ve sweated through my winding sheet


The Piper’s Invoice

Two Mondays in a single week
Have left me shuddering and lost.
Two Fridays, too, made it less bleak–
TG2F–but at what cost?
Tuesday will not appreciate
The slight, nor Thor glad yield his day.
Wednesday alone sloughs off the weight
Of workday stress; the rest? No way.
As now from weekend heat we cringe
Take comfort in the karmic rule:
Two Fridays in a week’s a binge,
So one warm weekend should be cool.

Friday Night Lightless

Friday night
The sun descends
The heat abates
The work week ends
When you were young
You’d grab a brush
And paint the town
Now, there’s no rush
The cricket choir
Finds its tune
The rising moon
You raise a glass
Cool H2O
Another weekend
Here we go