Hey, GOP, explain to me
Why you’re supporting DJT?
It does your Grand Old Party harm
When someone has to twist his arm
To force the president to say
He’s sad about the KKK,
And only when he’s in a box he
Then pretend-condemns a Nazi.
Rule of thumb: If keeping mum
Empowers hate, it’s not just dumb,
It makes you part and parcel of
The push precipitating shove.
Raise your voice!  Remaining tacet’s
Tantamount to praising fascists
Like the one who wears your (R)
Inside our White House. When? How far?
For goodness’ sake, what will it take
To shake Republicans awake
To meet this evil? If you claim
To love this land, defend its name!
Or hold your tongues and share the blame.


American Exceptionalism

They taught us that it couldn’t happen here.
Americans are different, better than
Those other, foreign people. Now it’s clear
That fear and hate are All-American.
Our friends and neighbors are the same today
As when we tried to go to sleep last night,
So in the long run, we’ll all be okay.
I trust that most of us will do what’s right.
We won’t give in to, nor luxuriate
In all the –isms we were taught we’re not,
The roots of which are race and sex and hate,
Against which, we were told, we’ve always fought
Because Americans don’t think like that.
Except…our President’s a spoiled brat.