Was That Today?

An Easter anniversary
Is never on the date one thinks
(Unless one knows astronomy).
Great set-up for sit-com hi-jinks!


Snakes In A Lane

A multihissity of serpents
Sun themselves on Easter Eve
They pose for pix with passersby
Beside the path
And then they leave

Night Bunnies

The bunnies watch my house tonight.
I feel their flat, laporine eyes.
I try to sleep. I toss. I rise.
I pull aside the tattered shade.
The sidewalk–where my children played
With chalk this afternoon despite
My warnings: There are bunnies near!
Glows yellow-gray beneath the lamp
That hangs above the bunnies’ camp.
I know they’re there, beyond the fence
That guards the yard from accidents
Unnatural, like rabbits’ eggs
That once a year, in spring, appear
In hedges, flower boxes, porches,
Barrows pushed by portly gnomes,
The tippy-tops of tiki torches–
Hatetul, decorateful eggs
Of evil, laid by watchful rabbits
Driven by bad chromosomes
To plant their ovospheres of fear
Upon my lawn. Diurnal habits
Make it hard to trap the rabbits
But I know they’re out there, watching,
Waiting, hating me for knowing
What they’re plotting, where they’re going,
What they’re hoping to achieve:
They come. They hide their eggs. They leave.
The bunnies have my house in sight.
Those furry couriers of fright
Are watching.
I won’t sleep tonight.