Feathered Fealty

Wading at the water’s edge
The ducks recite the Poultry Pledge:
I live to give my meat or eggs
To thee with knees upon thy legs
To make of them whate’er ye will,
And what ye can’t, put on my bill.


Late Night Snack

i close my eyes to concentrate
on cattle but an altered state
comes over me

is this a dream? no, that can’t be
internal inconsistency
is lacking

quacking spider lizards tracking
nasdaq want financial backing
but in cheese

which normally i’d have but jeez
it’s hotter every time i sneeze
my money’s runny

queso melting in the sunny
school just struck my tummy funny
as i ate

skip me
no more snacking
i’m up too late

Port Deposit 1965

When I was very small I had a friend
Whom I called Ducky, which was apropos
Because he was. My sister would pretend
That he was just a toy; he wasn’t, though.
To prove to her that Ducky could, too, swim,
I filled the tub and Ducky spun around
In small, concentric circles. Jeering him,
My sister said, “If he’s alive, he’s drowned!”
You see, I used to hold him by the throat
And all his vertebrae were so relaxed
He couldn’t lift his head, so, like a boat
With one oar dipped, his way-making was taxed.
I swore he’d swum; my sister called me liar.
My mommy warmed up Ducky in the dryer.