What Night Have Been

Waking from a dream
I’d not even known I’d had
Bittersweet relief



Businessfolk packing briefcases with kittens
Sailors on sidewalks slap-fighting with mittens
Red plastic tricycles dangling from strings
Not quite the things of which Julie A. sings

Silverware polish that stains your teak table
Foxes that talk like an ancient Greek fable
Webfoot albinos and rhinos with wings
Endless buffets serving flavorless things

When the dog types
And the bell dings
And it drools like dad
I gently dismember my cable knit friends
And then I cartwheel real bad

Freddy Can Wait

I had that dream again. The one
Where something’s due but isn’t done
‘Cause I forgot to go to class
And there’s no way I’m going to pass
If I don’t turn it in? Oh, well,
At least I have my pants on–

Rough Night

Sleeping like a man possessed
By demons who possess a man
Who works a furied workweek
Then possess this guy weekends,
His head into his pillow pressed
As deeply–yet no deeper than–
The dreams that he and all men seek,
In desperation he pretends
That isn’t his alarm.
He can’t wake up his arm.


Somnambulism: That’s when you
Get up before your sleep is through
And go about your night as if
It’s day; though when you wake you’re stiff,
You’re pleased your FitBit says you’ve leapt
To record step-counts while you slept.
I prefer to stay in bed
And journey gently in my head.
Walking in your sleep is fine
When it’s your sleep. Stay out of mine.

Why So Pail?

I put a bucket on my head
Each evening when I go to bed.
It’s noisy and my neck is sore.
It echoes every time I snore.
My dreams are weird. My sleep is poor.
I don’t know what the bucket’s for.
Hey, look, it’s time to go to bed.
Best put the bucket on my head.