Does Your Conscience Bother You? (Tell The Truth)

The past is past! Well, through tonight.
Tomorrow, everything that’s right
With Alabama could be hidden,
Buried by what Roy Moore did, and
Then, as Skynyrd wouldn’t have said,
What should be good’s now mostly dead.
Plane crash jokes are in poor taste
But moral standing’s been erased
If, when the final vote’s been cast,
Your senator’s a pederast.
I’ll apologize like that
If you elect the Democrat
Or write in someone short of Satan,
Which could happen…
I’m not waitin’.


Cleaning House (And Senate)

Creeps in Congress? Not surprising.
Dems seem worse at compromising
Values, though, for politics.
They try, but when dishonor sticks
They show capacity for shame
Which ultimately cramps their game.
It’s tough to win when you’re in thrall
To conscience while your not-at-all-
Equivalently-shackled foes
Say anything unproven goes.
(And when that last’s unqualified
We’ll know democracy has died.)

Tweener’s Day

“Tweener”: Just the word implies
Fidelity to compromise,
A sense of neither Yang nor Yin,
But also both. Remember when
Your parents taught you how to share?
The other tiny human there
With whom you had to subdivide
Whatever loot you’d failed to hide,
That person was your Tweener, and
You theirs. You two went hand-in-hand
Because between the two of you
A pot o’ gold turned glop t’ doo.
The 8th of August every year
We celebrate our Tweeners here,
The day when everybody gets
Their second choice, with some regrets,
But no one goes home empty-handed;
Lauded, also reprimanded;
Forced to win and let to lose;
Offered one and forced to choose
To settle either now or later.
Tweener’s Day is fine! No greater.


When you have roommates
Life is compromise
If A likes what B hates
They’re sad girls (or guys)
Misstep in this dance
And be prepared for shocks
Like tacos in your underpants
And cheese fries in your socks

When you have roommates
And you get along
A likes who B dates
And life is like a song
B cares for C’s plants
And casual cooking rocks:
Make tacos in your underpants
And cheese fries in your socks