Cold Feet Forward

Pre-dawn runs in freezing cold
Have short shelf-lives and soon get old,
But reaching evening having run
Already? That’s long-lasting fun!


Degrees Of Discomfort

It’s cold outside and wet as well
This time last week was hot as Hell
Assuming Hell’s like 30 C
(The office number next to me)


This discontented winter’s pending
End is near. We’ll soon be spending
Well-lit evenings mowing lawns
And grousing over early dawns
And seeking shelter from the heat,
Our shorts-clad thighs stuck to the seat
Until the AC shudders on…
Ten days. That’s it. Then winter’s gone.


The air is cold
The moon is bright
My fingertips
Are turning white
Enraptured by
The sky above
I must have dropped
My stupid glove
I’m on the porch
I squeeze the key
Can’t turn it, though
I have to pee
It’s not the entrance
I’d have chosen:
With trousers frozen
Sorry that
I had to ring
The bell so late
Can’t wait for spring