Chores are bores, ‘twixt me and you,
But I’ve a trick to see me through:
I make a game of them and then
Concede defeat before I win!


Stuck On Red

I rarely think of traffic lights.
Observe them, yes, but on those nights
When work is finished, TV’s dark,
The dog next door has ceased to bark
And idle thoughts come sidling in,
I’m never, Traffic lights? Again?!
And yet, they’re everywhere! I mean,
Why don’t I think of–
Whoops! It’s green….

Add A Monkey

Boring meeting?
Listless mime?
Add a monkey.
Party time!

Take your day
From foul to funky–
Ask me how!
(Hint: Add a monkey.)

Pleased to meet you, sir.
What cheer?

The monkey’s here!

Added monkey’s
Not redeeming?
Sir, wake up!
You must be dreaming!

“Like a barrel…”
(Not worth writing)
“…full of monkeys.”
(That’s exciting!)

Lack of monkeys
Makes you sick.
Maxed-out monkeys–
That’s the trick!

Cat made coffee
Cold and chunky?
Needs a mentor:
Add a monkey!

Add a monkey.
Bottom line:
Add a monkey.
You’ll be fine.

Thank Badness

I’m grateful there are days like this
When every shot is bound to miss
And all the best-laid plans of mice
And me go awfully gley. It’s nice
To have these days to gaze upon
When nothing much is going on
And I might otherwise be bored.
Misfortune is its own reward.

Or Is That “Spell”?

I could be asleep right now
There’s really no good way to tell
Unconsciously I still know how
To do most everything but smell
My punctuation jones may wane
Whilst Dreamland is my home address
But even an unslumbered brain
May choose to use a comma less
Or keep a semicolon holstered
Just for style’s sake or grins
The argument is hardly bolstered
By a poet’s licensed sins
That somnolescent verses only
Show themselves through sloppy writing
If you care you’re likely lonely
Or like watching word nerds fighting
Either’s fine but let’s not keep
Each other up if we’re asleep