Was That Today?

An Easter anniversary
Is never on the date one thinks
(Unless one knows astronomy).
Great set-up for sit-com hi-jinks!



Annie Jump Cannon was hot for the stars
(Oh, be a fine girl, kiss me!)
Caught scarlet fever which left her with scars
(Oh, be a fine girl, kiss me!)
Snapped eclipse pics and then catalogued heaven
(Oh, be a fine girl, kiss me!)
Got Google-Doodled December 11
(Oh, be a fine girl, kiss me!)


Twinkle. Twinkle! Little star,
I know exactly what you are.
You’re obstinate! But so am I,
So twinkle, or please leave the sky.
A winkless star’s no heart’s delight.
Don’t test me: I can wait all night.

Know what really chaps my ass?
Recalcitrance in balls of gas
Whose cosmic arrogance is such
That, “I don’t think I’ll twinkle much”
Is their idea of how to shine.
Go glow your own sky. Twinkle mine!