I’m just a little bit behind
On Rio’s games, but I don’t mind.
They’re worse at work: One guy–I’m shocked–he’s
Still discussing Ryan Lochte!
He swam, like, a week ago!
I’m poky, but I’m not that slow!


Don’t Drink The “Water”

January’s river’s thick
With sludge that makes mere humans sick
But when you’re an Olympian
You’re far from vincible: You’re in-!
Marinheros, nadadores,
Braving toxic águas for us–
Not to mention vírus Zika
Know we’ll cheer you as you seek a
Medal for your country’s honor!
Swallow, though, and you’re a goner.
Might survival equal glory?
At the least, you’ll have a story.
Rio de Janeiro rocks!
Now, where’s the cure for skeeter pox?

Walking To Rio

Somewhere in my town tonight
Are real fast folks who don’t walk right.
Tomorrow they’ll race twenty K
And not once from the earth they’ll stray
From start to finish–one foot touches
Pavement always. It’s as much as
I can do to touch at all!
(I’ve got short legs, although I’m tall,
So sometimes they don’t make it down
To where the planners placed the ground.)
Wag those hips! This Salemite
Will help you dream of rings tonight.