How Can You Have Any Pudding?

I like food. I really do.
If you’re the next guy, I’m like you;
We have a similar degree
Of foodie in us, you and me.
That being said, I struggle when
Deciding what my mouth wants in.
No matter that I’m feeling hollow,
Choosing what I want to swallow
Is, for me, a task too far
On most occasions. It’s bizarre,
I know, but if the choice is choosing
Or, well, not, then I’m refusing.
Yes, I’m hungry. Doesn’t matter.
On the plus side, getting fatter
Isn’t what I stress about.
I don’t eat junk, I go without.
Neither’s healthy; both are bad
In different ways, but when I’ve had
To act or just get off the pot,
More often I’ve got off than not.
Which is why, at 9:02,
I haven’t eaten yet. Have you?

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