the feet
that changed the world
beneath our feat
were black & white
more accurately
many shades of grey
or gray
depending on who’s right
to choose to write
whichever way

that day
or night
depending on the spot
on which your feet
were for the feat
proved JFK
was right
we had the might
we took the fight
right to the edge of sight
the edge of night
in black & white

a mite
upon the face
the white
or gray (or grey)
or black (from round the back)
sun-ravaged skin
earth-ravaged when
the flame
that braked the craft
scored dust to rock
another pock
upon the face
to mark the race
our race of one
had won
the faces white
against the black
of night

my small pale feet
were there
upon the stair
from where I stared
from up above
the auburn hair
that yet
in silhouette
shone black
as they
the women in my tiny clan
watched men
in suits and ties
watch men
in suits and boots
the watchers’
gray/grey suits
white shirts
black ties
the watched’s
white suits
white boots
whose great big
would leap
to reach a height
above us all
that black/white day
black night
in thrall
to what took place
below our eye
wide black
on white
in b&w

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