You have a place to live; a car;
A great career where you’ll go far;
A wide variety of friends;
A sense of where the sidewalk bends,
And where it’s cracked, and where it ends;
A fine appreciation for
Absurdity; a moral floor;
An artist’s eye (he wants it back);
A plan for when the ducks attack;
A love of running when the skies
Are lachrymose; good taste in ties;
More mismatched pairs of socks than most;
A solid recipe for toast;
A rubber chicken (okay, eight);
A funny story when you’re late;
A pencil (sometimes); whimsy; style;
A year of life for every mile
In a marathon (today);
A gift for mixing work and play;
About as many hands as feet;
An instinct for what not to eat
While vomiting; and, most of all,
That other thing I can’t recall
Right now, but, you know, that. What can
I offer, then, to such a man
To supplement the list above?
Respect, a Starbucks card, and love.


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