I’m Hip, Daddy-O!

Legal fireworks and il-
Fill nights with noise and pets with angst.
I’d like to tell them all to chill
But that would mean I’ve joined the ranks
Of geriatric cranks. No, thanks.


One thought on “I’m Hip, Daddy-O!

  1. Provocative holiday sounds/pets/people – Geriatric crank notes, 4 July 2017
    Overheard in LR, a woman’s voice in the street, “Get down from there!”  Was the person admonishing a dog, a child?  No, it was a man who was climbing on JFC’s Flybaby airplane in our driveway.  When JFC got out there the man was posing for a photo in the cockpit!  JFC spoke to him in the imperative!  Soon after that a young man appeared in front of the house who was carrying a street sign.  After a short Q and A with JFC the young man asked for directions having decided to return the sign to the proper intersection.  Such was the theatric scene in our front yard on the afternoon of the 4th day of a Party Hearty weekend.

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