Oral Dilemma

Stumped on how I brush my teeth:
Start on top then drop beneath,
Or rub-and-scrub them bottom-up?
And what’s up with this sippy cup?
Do I brush, then rinse, then floss,
Or floss/rinse/brush? I’m at a loss.
Don’t put sticks inside your head
Sounds like a thing my mommy said
When I was little. If it’s not
I’d like to think she just forgot
And meant to say it; I suspect
That’s not the case. I’ll call (collect)
And ask her when my thoughts are clearer.
Who’s that monster in the mirror?!
Wait–don’t panic. That’s just me,
I think. He grins when I do…see?
But those can’t be my teeth. They’re gray!
They match my skin tone, anyway.
Did I get up too soon? Perhaps.
And lately I’ve been skipping naps
So this could be a dream… That’s it,
Go back to bed. But first, I’ll spit.


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