No Joke (Not Funny)

Vacations by their nature are especially seductive
‘Cause you’re busy being lazy while surrounded by productive
People laboring to please you or at least despite your presence
And as good and bad experiences go, that’s among the pleasants.
Manichaeistic package tours aside, there always is a catch:
A fox is always waiting to return you to the briar patch
And all vacation genies must withdraw into their crockery
As worker bees like me must to our cubicle time-clockery.
Just knowing that reality is waiting makes me feel annoyed
And cranky, but my hanky’s dry because at least I’m still employed
And have a place from which to plot my next escape from day-to-day.
I’m growing sick of sleeping late and daily napping, anyway.


One thought on “No Joke (Not Funny)

  1. The time for daily napping sounds boring or  worse, if it means either no employment or nothing one wants or needs to do.  Your poem makes me feel more content to have a never-ending list of things I want to do.  Jmc

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