Technically, It Rhymes With “Voice”

When Theodor Geisel ein klein Junge was,
His family was put out of business because
They were German-Americans back when the Kaiser
Was acting belligerent and some adviser
Thought naturalized citizens couldn’t be trusted;
Besides, they made beer! They were doubly busted
By moral reform when Amendment Eighteen
Came along shortly after the war. As we’ve seen,
The great German Insurgency never arrived
And the Geisels? They made it. They may not have thrived
As they’d hoped, but young Teddy found writing was useful
For making ends meet. That’s why we’re Dr. Seussful.


2 thoughts on “Technically, It Rhymes With “Voice”

  1. I’ve noticed that you do write a number of poems about famous birthdays. Another source of inspiration might be National Days. For example, today (3/3) is National If Pets Had Thumbs Day as well as National I Want You To Be Happy Day. With some of those, like the first, you’re 99% on your way to humor before you even begin your poem. 🙂

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