Happy Happy

The anniversary of you
We celebrate today. It’s true
We’re continents apart, but still
Just listen to your heart: You will
Detect a murmur. That’s from me!
I am your cardiopathy
(If that’s a word), as you are mine.
We share arrhythmia, a spine
That curls just a bit too much,
A sensitivity to touch
From solar radiation, too.
I’m proud that part of me is you.
I hope your natal day is blessed
With opportunity for rest
And relaxation. Please, refuse
Entreaties to turn on the news!
Today’s your day. Renounce! Resist!
If pressed, take Liz’s lead: Persist.
Ignore that boorish 45.
Feel joy, like me, that you’re alive!


About Michael

Silliness is good
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One Response to Happy Happy

  1. JnJ Collins says:

    It gives me great joy to be the Mother of a poet!

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