Thoughts Executed

Winter weather threatens leaks
In unprotected frozen plumbing;
Also poem-posting streaks
If wi-fi fails. In case that’s coming
I’ll pend this for just before
The stroke of twelve tomorrow night.
I may be weak, infirm and poor
As Lear, yet hear me, storm: I’ll write!

Postscript: Nothing went awry
Inside, as far as I can tell.
The snowy roofs blend into sky
But kept the cold out fairly well.
No ice collapsed our power grid,
No fallen limbs eclipsed our light.
I can’t recall when last we did
Less everything through Sunday night!
We’re safe and warm, so that’s all right.


One thought on “Thoughts Executed

  1. Good planning, Michael. We loved your snow photos. We all are snug by the portable heater here, in wet and cold Coronado. Jnj k/

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