Flex Time

Don’t turn on the heater yet.
Your nose is red, your clothes are wet,
If freezing’s zero, it’s below.
You can’t turn on the heater, though.
You made a deal with PGE
To cut back on your energy
Consumption when they give the word,
So, no, you can’t pretend you heard
The hours wrong, or just forgot.
When days are really cold (or hot)
You said that you’d find ways to deal,
So now’s the time to keep it real
And put your money where’s your mouth.
The mercury is lurching south
And you’re afraid to crack your knuckles
Lest a frozen phalanx buckles,
Brittle from the piercing cold…
The heat stays off because you told
That corporate website you were in!
Sound stupid? See who’s laughing when
That rebate check arrives this spring
For thirty-one big cents! Ka-ching!


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