Fool Me Once

It’s dark when all the lights are out
And it’s not daytime. I’ve no doubt
That isn’t news to most of you.
The obvious is often true.
Admittedly, when looks deceive
One wonders what, then, to believe,
And one too many rude surprises
May lead some to doubt their eyeses.
That’s a natural consequence
Of being fooled. The mind’s defense
Against unpleasant shocks is to
Deny that anything is true
Despite the testimony of
Our eyes, or even those we love.
Fool me once, the saying goes,
And that’s on you–and heaven knows
We’re all much happier when blame
Is tarnishing another’s name–
But fool me twice, it’s oft been said,
And that’s on me, and so instead
Of letting foolish seconds slide,
Our pride insists they be denied
‘Cause no one wants to be a chump.
Just ask a friend who voted Trump.


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