It’s Fun To Have Fun, But It’s Difficult Now

I used to reach the end of every day
And think, “I’ve no idea what to write.”
I’d spit some syllables and let them play
Until a verse congealed, then say good night.
And then last Tuesday happened. Silliness
Is suddenly more difficult to trap.
I swear, it’s not for lack of willingness.
I’d love to wield a slapstick on this crap!
But thanks to our new President-elect
An anapastic tetrametric verse
(Think Dr. Seuss) feels somehow incorrect;
With sonnets, every quatrain’s like a curse
And cursing’s what I’d really like to do.
I won’t, though, ’cause that’s too like you-know-who.


2 thoughts on “It’s Fun To Have Fun, But It’s Difficult Now

  1. When Obama was elected, I decided to quit watching news (on the whole) during the day. I didn’t want to feel depressed, angry, etc. And it worked. I found out that Obama’s presidency didn’t affect me personally very much. So, I was being stirred and depressed daily by the news and the talk. I still listened a bit or heard or read a bit to know that others were being affected (like 25% increase minimum in Obamacare policies next year and like the withdrawal of all our troops from Iraq leaving the door open for Isis to take over large parts of that country). So, I still knew specifics about his being bad for the country and other people without being in a depressed or angry state every day. I know that we differ in this, but the same method might work for you. Just quit listening to CNN (or whatever) as much and you might find, as I did, that your attitude is far better and Trump’s presidency isn’t affecting you as much as some think it will. AND, we’ll all get to enjoy the return of your “silliness”. 🙂

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