Between Friends

If Donald Trump received your vote this week,
Don’t tell me, friend. I couldn’t bear to know.
I’d have to turn away to turn my cheek
And I don’t think that we’d survive the blow.
Don’t tell me that you voted for a man
Who brags about his sexual assault
And gropes young women just because he can.
We couldn’t then be friends, and that’s my fault.
Don’t tell me, please, that when you made your choice
You did so with misgivings. I’m too small
To see beyond the fact you raised your voice
For hatred, bigotry and “Build the wall!”
Don’t tell me. If you do, I can’t pretend
That you’re a person I can call a friend.

4 thoughts on “Between Friends

    1. You see, this is exactly what I was hoping not to hear. Before we part ways, four things:
      1. Lawyers are people, like anyone else.
      2. The laughter story has a context which you’re clearly ignoring, or, like me with your Trump support, trying hard to not to see.
      3. Nothing I’ve seen or heard gives me any reason to believe Trump cares about abortion one way or the other, so there’s no real difference there.
      4. Even if all of the above were fact, that still doesn’t excuse a vote for a self-avowed racist, misogynist, xenophobic, narcissistic, pussy-grabbing serial fabulist like our president-elect.

      1. I only said something because BOTH candidates were/are terribly flawed. Trump was never my choice for the Republican candidate. But given his stance now against abortion and the Democratic Party’s stance for it, I will never ever be an accessory to murder and vote for them. We will continue to disagree, almost certainly, but we can still get along better than those in the streets some nights recently. 🙂 And I’ll still read your poems and enjoy them. 🙂

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