A Quiet Night

A glass of wine, a beer or two,
I’m happy being here with you.
Outside the world is freaking out
From fear, uncertainty and doubt
But you and I are safe inside
With just each other. We can hide
Away all night. More wine? Say when!
Let’s find a film to watch again.
There’s Terminator: Judgement Day
Or White House Down…um, no. Okay,
A game! There’s Risk, Monopoly
Let’s have another beer. Or three.
We’re out? I’ll run down to the store
And– right! You’re right. We locked the door
On purpose. We can weather this.
Enjoy the temporary bliss
Before the final tally’s in
And everybody tries to spin
The news to make it prove what they
Predicted pre-Election Day.
Oh, no! I said the E-word! Eek!
(That wasn’t it.) Calm down, don’t freak.
I didn’t mean to break the spell.
And look: I found more wine as well!
Let’s raise a toast to our cocoon
Of ignorance! They’ll be here soon
Enough to force our butterfly
To spread its wings, but ’till then, why
Should we acknowledge life goes on
Outside without us? … Crap. Wine’s gone.

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