“Don’t Boo, Vote!” (And Then Boo.)

So, you’re convinced the candidate
Who’s going to win’s the one you hate,
So what’s the point of even voting?
There’s no use in sugar-coating
This: You’re right. You’re going to lose.
The bad guys win when you refuse
To raise your voice and let them hear it.
Keep your counsel and they’ll cheer it!
Every vote they haven’t earned,
However, is a lesson learned:
Mandate claims grow hollower
With every known non-follower,
So join the crowd outside the fence:
Tell Clinton/Kaine and/or Trump/Pence
We’re not convinced; we don’t support
Them blindly; that they’d better court
Our vote as hard from Wednesday on
As now ’til Tuesday; when the lawn
Signs all have disappeared, that we
Demand accountability
For everything they do or say
From now ’til next Election Day.
And, should the ticket that you chose
Come out on top, respect for those
Who loyally oppose is key:
American democracy
Is built upon this vital tenet.
That’s why there’s United in it,
Leading off the country’s name!
Don’t choose, we lose, and you’re to blame.
The patriotic thing to do
Is VOTE. Go, earn your right to boo!

One thought on ““Don’t Boo, Vote!” (And Then Boo.)

  1. Your Vote poem is a comfort.  I envision exhibiting a veiled hurrah should our candidate be elected.  I will reverse a political sign in the yard.  I will use blue masking tape to shape a large “W” inspired by the Cubs victory and our family connections to Chicago.

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