A is for Arrogant
Also for Ass.
B is Boor, Braggart and Bully.
D’s a Deplorable, Dangerous Dude.
E is for Ego.
F — no, that’s rude…
F is for Fingers, the Five on each hand
Which you’ll Find if you Forage (don’t have your day planned).
Also Forgetful: “I never said that.”
G is for Grabby — Don’t get too close, cat!
H is plain Hateful as well as Horrific.
I is for Insults, at which he’s terrific.
J is for Judgment and Justice and Joy…
I is for Irony, slow to deploy.
J is for Jackass and Juvenile Jerk.
K is for Kissing poor women at work.
L is for Loud and for Lewd and for Love,
The self- Lack of which Leads to all the above.
M is Malevolence, Meanness, Mendacity–
Mostly the last: He’s a Massive capacity.
N is for Nothing that’s Neutral or Nice:
Nasty. N’s Nasty. (He Needed it twice.)
O is for Ownership, which is what we
Must assume for this Oaf; also, Oligarchy.
P is for Pussy and Punish and Pride
And for Predator. President? Well, we’ll decide.
Q is the Quixotic Quest for the Quo
That his contractors earned pro their Quid. (Where’d he go?)
R is for Racist, Rapacious and Rotten,
And also Republican, lest we’ve forgotten.
S is for Sex and the Sadness that lingers
And Seeps from the Souls of the victims he fingers.
T is for Tacky, but mostly for Tired
Of Too many jokes where the punchline’s “You’re fired!”
U is the Unhappy United States
Of America, home to those humans he hates.
V is for Vile and Vulgar and Vain.
W’s for his supporters: Explain
Why this Weasel, this Wretched, Wet sack of raw Waste
Who’s unworthy of Women, Why’s he to your taste?
X is for Xenophobe; also the rating
Of language he uses re women he’s dating.
Y is for “Yuuge,” a colloquialism
Describing the size of the GOP schism
That’s Yawning more broadly with each passing day:
Yo, guys, he’s Your leader! He won’t go away!
Z is for Zealots, whom he’ll need to win,
In which case it’s also for what we’ll need:

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