October 5th

October 5th was yesterday.
The Five-of-Ten was then, so, hey,
If you’d made plans, had things to do
October 5th, too bad for you.
You’ve still got time to make a date
October 9th. 10/8? That’s great!
Your chance to dance the tenth? Alive.
Like Brubeck, though, they’ve taken five.
The date on which we’re now impaled’s
The sixth. The fifth? That ship has sailed
And hauled its passengers and crew
Well past the longest spyglass view.
It’s Throwback Thursday (TBT)
Today, that’s true, but usually
We’re throwing back a little more,
Like, years! Not, Here’s the day before
Today! Remember Wednesday?
A month or two might do as well.
I’d settle for a week ago,
But peddle yesterday? Uh, no.
October 5th is done. You missed it.
Should have seized the day and kissed it,
Gotten off the dime, carpe-ing
When diem was ripe. Just saying.
Time and tide for no man wait,
Nor did October 5th. You’re late.


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