Choose Or Lose

Undecided? On the fence?
I don’t believe you. You’re not dense.
You know the choices facing you.
So, pick one! Whatcha gonna do?
A protest vote? Don’t be a fool.
One of two will have to rule
When all the votes are tallied, so
It won’t be just a vote you throw
Away on Johnson or on Stein,
It’s both our futures, yours and mine!
Tick the Gary box, or Jill,
And Don will thank you; so will Hill,
‘Cause only one of them will win.
If you can’t stand Ms. Clinton, then
You might as well vote Mr. Trump.
What’s that? Stay home? Don’t be a chump.
You’d really rather make your point
Than help decide who runs this joint?
It’s Clinton, or it’s Trump. Full stop.
November 9th, one wakes on top,
The other sinks back in the ooze.
Don’t care who wins? Then make one lose!
Cut off your nose to spite your face
And yes, you will affect the race,
But not the way you think or hope:
You’ll help the worse one win, you dope!
If you don’t vote, you’ll have to suffer
Under one. There’ll be no buffer
Or protective shield conferred
For abstinence. Don’t be absurd.
They’re not equivalent. They’re not!
And they’re the only choice you’ve got,
So pick one. Vote against or for,
But vote! Then brace for what’s in store.


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