Brain Freeze

I like to freeze my brain a bit.
Not all, of course, but lots of it.
The part I use when I’m at work
Complains the most. That part’s a jerk.
My party brain, however, cheers
A toxic frost! I’ve lost some years
And multiple synapses to
Those frozen drinks, but really, who
Can blame me? Margaritas rock!
That instant when the icy shock
Takes hold, and both your eyes expand
Until they’d fill your open hand
If you could just relax your fist?
That’s when you’d know your brain’d been kissed
By cryogenic angels, were
Your world less a roaring blur
Of pain and ecstassential dread.
One more big slurp, then off to bed.
(There is one minor downside, though:
Your dreams are scored to Let It Go.)


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