The Giraffe

Cameleopards think they’re smart.
They’re not. They’re neither, for a start:
They lack the lumps that camels carry,
Plus a leopard’s way more scary.
Sure, they’re tall. That freakish neck
Is worth a look, but what the heck
Is with those knobby horns? And, please,
Don’t get me started on their knees!
Find its IQ on this graph.
Look lower…lower…there’s giraffe,
Down there by rhino, sloth and fish,
And not the Disney ones! (They wish.)
To top it off–and this is true–
Giraffes have high blood pressure, too!
Freckled, gangly, nervous…gee,
You know who they resemble?


One thought on “The Giraffe

  1. Giraffes are amazing creatures. There are several designs to their systems (neck, heart, legs, etc) to accommodate their height and what happens concerning blood pressure (that’s what started me on this 🙂 ) when they bend down to drink.

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