“Trumpence.” What a funny word!
I can’t believe I haven’t heard
The noun before. What can it mean?
The context makes it sound obscene
But that may be a product of
The trumpence-sayer’s lack of love
For what they were referring to.
Okay, what say we think it through?
“Pence” recalls a coin so small
That two of them is none at all–
“I couldn’t give a tuppence for
Your insults, sir, so rant no more!”

A “trump” in cards is useful, though.
All other suits are placed below
A trump-suit card despite its being
Worthless by itself…. We’re seeing
Something of a theme, I think.
Trumpence: Something on the brink
Of useless, rarely underrated,
Which is weirdly elevated
To importance through a quirk
Of circumstance. A lucky jerk,
Perhaps, who comes along
Exactly when the timing’s wrong
For everyone except himself?
A can still standing on the shelf
When all your grocery money’s spent
So, desperate, despite the dent,
You pop the top and choke it down?
The cranky Craigslist birthday clown
You hire when the bouncy castle
Pops? I doubt it’s worth the hassle
To’ve defined the word at all.
“Trumpence” means…I can’t recall.


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