Thank Goodness Life’s Not Fair

If every single choice I’d ever made were absolutely right
Then there’d be someone else entirely in front of you tonight.
The smartest version of myself might not have had you in his life
So I thank every god I crossed for steering me to you, my wife.

Every opportunity I squandered closed another door
And nothing I detected at the time could show me where my poor
Decision-making skills were leading me, which was, of course, the place
Where fallibility’s redemption lay, where first I saw your face.

Were I to meet a genie or acquire a time machine, I’d say
No thank you to a Mulligan. If life had gone another way,
Toward power, fame or money, or a combination of all three,
I’d be the poorer for it if it meant that you weren’t here with me.

Quite candidly, I wish I had those things so I could spoil you
The way that you deserve, but all I have to give’s my love (it’s true).
With benefit of hindsight I can claim, in fact, a perfect score,
For all I’ve done has brought me here to you, and who could ask for more?


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