It’s solstice! From the Latin sol, referring to the sun,
And stitium, or stoppage. Ain’t vocabulary fun?
Depending where you’re standing on the surface of the planet
It’s the summer or the winter solstice, as I understand it.
Either way, a line’s defined between a pair of seasons:
Spring and summer (warmer); fall and winter if you’re freezin’.
If you’re in the north today, it’s bright outside forever!
Hangin’ with the penguin, though, the sun’s up nearly never
Which I don’t think I could handle without Christmas for distraction
(Sorry, ladies, Widows’ Day is simply not a huge attraction).
Hope you have a happy solstice! Me, I know I will,
I’ll be streaming my traditional The Day the Earth Stood Still.
Technically, a solstice means the sun is stationary,
Not the earth, but if Copernicus objects…that would be scary!
As happy as the (northern) day is long: I hope that’s you.
And if you’re in the deep, dark south, may all your friends be, too.


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