Attend And Apprehend

Attend, my friend, and apprehend!
Your education needn’t end
With formal schooling. Take the bend
At speed: Attend and apprehend!

Show up, and pay attention to
The myriad of tasks to do
That no one else is doing. Who
Is better qualified than you?

Apprehensive? Here’s a tip:
We all are. Truth! You’re going to trip
And fall. A lot. Each time you slip
Is one chance more the script to flip.

Look around. The pearl’s there
Inside your world-oyster–dare
To find it! Eat the peach and share
The pit, ’cause it’s beyond compare!

Some dreams await the dreamer. Please,
Don’t seek achievements by degrees.
The moon is there for you to seize!
Feast joyfully on lunar cheese.

Everything you want, you’ll get
If you keep trying. Don’t regret
The road not taken; be upset
Instead for roads not taken yet.


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