Why 2K?

I write a poem every day
To keep the spiderwebs at bay.
I’ve learned from running that it’s harder
Having stopped to then restart a
Running regimen; maintaining
Fitness, though, is far less draining.
Likewise with the writing muscle,
Laying off ensures a tussle
Waking a lethargic muse.
Accordingly, I try to use
The portion of my brain that rhymes
A bit each day, although at times
The pressure to compose a verse,
Though self-imposed, can be a curse.
Still, having written something new
Before I sleep is soothing, too.
The upshot is, the poems mount
Until one day I stop to count
How many, back-to-back, there are:
That’s nineteen-ninety-eight, so far!
Tomorrow makes two thousand flat
(I hope my muse is up for that);
A nod to Prince, though, as I write
Like 1999 tonight.


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