Good Night, Sweet Prince

“Hey, William Shakespeare’s dead! It’s in the news!
“I know. He died four hundred years ago.”
“No, I don’t think so. You’ve got him confused
With someone else. This one wrote Romeo
And Juliet.
We saw that just last week!”
“That’s who I mean. ‘The Bard of Avon,’ right?”
“Um, yeah, that’s what it says. How– did you peek?”
“What? No! Why would I?”
“Maybe just for spite.”
“But what would be the point? That makes no sense!”
“Is someone targeting celebrities?”
“Celebrities? You’ve lost me…”
“First, there’s Prince,
Now Shakespeare. Don’t they always die in threes?”
“That’s just an urban legend. Anyway,
That’s only–”
“P.L. Travers!”


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