Net Loss

I’m not confident the ‘net
Will stay accessible for long
So though I’m not quite ready yet
I’m writing this lest all goes wrong.
Profundity, it’s safe to say,
Is not a word that oft applies
To what I write; still less today
With this Next Window in disguise.
In point of fact, I ought to be
Composing birthday wishes for
My high school bestest bud, but he
Already spent his twenty-four
And even in New Jersey, where
Each day feels like, well, four (at least),
They’re well past T.G.I.F. there.
Too bad. His fault for moving east.
In any case, it’s time to try
That “Publish” button on the right.
If you’re not reading this, then I
Slipped through the net. If so, good night!


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